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What is it chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an independent branch of medicine specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of impairment of mechanical joints, especially the spine and their effect on the nervous system.

The founder of the field is Daniel David Palmer from Lowa, who in 1885 assumed that the displacement of any part of the skeleton may lead to pressure on nerves, which are channels of communication throughout the body.

Today, a modern approach based on the knowledge that, within each joint of the spine (always 4 joints between two adjacent vertebrae with ribs 2 concentration in the Thoracic spine. Overall, 100 joints of the spine.) Is similar to the fibrous plate in the knee meniscus, which is called the blockage between the joint surfaces. This prevents normal mobility and triggers a cascade of other changes, muscle stiffness, swelling, pain, etc.

In the case of functional blockade in the cervical spine problems, very often causing headache, dizziness, feelings of insecurity, feeling sick, the pressure behind the eyes, the tension in neck, nape and crown. In the thoracic spinal pain may radiate along the ribs, chest tightness, especially when you inhale, etc. In the particular case of lumbar spine pain in a cross promotion with the legs, hips, as well as groin.

Before each chiropractic treatment for the above problems should be ruled out medical disease (eg myocardial infarction) or surgical (acute abdomen), etc.

All examinations and treatments are done carefully excluding upset "convulsive" and mechanisms are practically painless.

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