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Chiropractor visit


  1. Chiropractor begins like every other doctor carefully asking the formation of your illness, the nature of the course, the type of problems. In particular, it focuses on the nature of your job (sedentary, heavy manual, frequent car trips etc) due to the effects of your illness. (Most difficulties has originated years ago and the current deterioration is mainly due to the loss of their own defense mechanisms in Spine and adjacent structures ). Continued asking to other diseases, treatment procedures, etc. that could possibly be excluded. Chiropractic inappropriate treatment.
  2. Followed by a careful examination
    1. Position
    2. Momentum of the entire spine
    3. Special segmental examination (vertebra after vertebra) of the spine and adjacent structures (muscle, ligament system, etc.).
  3. Soft and mobilization techniques used to stretch and solidified muscle relaxation, allowing tension in tendons and ligaments. At the same time the release of "functional blocks" vertebrae.
  4. Handling treatment: blockade following the release of some of the techniques of manipulation.
  5. Check and arranging next inspection.
  6. In other sessions and the agreement can be followed by some form of special acupuncture (here adapted for the motion system and operating at less known šlachosvalové path - not the transmission of energy, but a direct mechanical effect on the motor points of muscles to change your muscle, ligaments and other connective structures. Given the profound effect of the application is much more effective than external methods of therapy, especially in deep structures. The application is totally painless and completely safe.


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